Friday, February 13, 2015

Semana 5 - almost outta here

 **Dad Note** Chandler's last note had some marker drawings and I asked him what they were all about.  He said each 'class' leaves something for the incoming class as they head out and that was it.  The drawings were done by his companion, Elder Wight. I asked him to tell us a little about Elder Wight, his companion for the past few weeks. - RD

This week has been filled with much prayer and good experiences as well as the fear of heading to a place even more foreign than Mexico! 
I have tried to talk more to the natives and see how much Spanish I really know. I can find out where they're from and what they like to do. I feel like I can have a pretty normal, get to know you type conversation. I am still working on my memorizations but I am anxious, nervous, and excited to leave to Honduras. 
Here is some travel info, just to let you know its the real deal. On Tuesday morning, the 17th at 2:30 am we take a bus to the Mexico city airport. Our flight for San Salvador (el Salvador) departs at 5:20 and we arrive at 7:20. From there we have a layover and we leave for San Pedro at 8:50 and we get there around 10:00. I don´t know how it works to let you know that I get there safe but I know that Heavenly Father is watching over us.

This week I have began to recognize more importantly about prayer. We learned this week that there are 2 things that we need to share as missionaries 
1. that God lives and He loves us. We do this by sharing our testimony about Him and the love He has for us and for them. 
2.He has a plan. If we can communicate this message, that God loves us and He has a plan for us and our family, then we have told them what makes us have hope and why we do what we do. 

On a more personal note, I have a testimony of prayer and definitely of trials. I don´t always understand but I know that whatever we are doing, whatever His plan is for us, that He allows us to have these struggles so that we can become stronger. I don´t know how He does it but I do know that its a process. In a lesson we learned more about prayer and about how much God really wants to hear from us. Yes, He already knows our struggles and all the answers ever, but prayer is an act of faith. I have a challenge this week, which I will do the same. Try to take some time to ask if Heavenly Father is your father in Heaven and if He has a plan. Even if you already know He is and that He does, try anyways. I know He has a plan for me and my family and that He is watching over but I can´t always feel that. I don´t think we have to feel it all the time because then it would be easy but I know He wants us to be happy. 

As for Elder Wight, he has been a great example to me. He has all kinds of Australian stories like kangaroo hunting and eating. He hit one with his car and so i guess that's pretty normal there. He lives in the outback so of course i picture it like kangaroo jack! He plays rugby too so we talk about the differences between Australian rugby and American. Rugby there is like football in america. That's awesome to hear about the family history coming along too! I hope I am able to help sometime.

Everyone please say Happy Birthday to Syd and Mom. They are two of the three most special ladies on this earth and I am so sad that I can tell them this in person! please give them all the love in the world! Mom, you have taught me more than you think. I look up to you in so many ways and I am more than blessed to have you as my mother.

Syd, You are a queen and don´t let anyone tell you different. you are such an example to me and I wish I was more like you, more than you know. I love you both so much.

Family and friends, I love and miss you so much. Please know that He can help you in all of your trials. I am learning slowly but the first step is faith! 

Elder Dowell

Saturday, February 7, 2015

Semana 4 - Elder Selfie

This week has been an absolute roller coaster, thinking of going to Honduras brings many emotions and of course still missing all of you!

I am sorry that I can't email all of you, our district has made a goal to be more obedient and that means only an hour on the computer. This week my district also made a commitment to 
speak only Spanish for the next two weeks. We have tried, but it is so frustrating because we still cant say many things, but we are beginning to be able to make our way around what we need to communicate.

It is so good to hear how everyone is doing, I hope everyone's week was great! this week I have really got down memorizing the mission purpose, baptismal commitment, and Moroni 10:5 all in Spanish. I am now working on the first vision. 

This week I learned many things in my study of the gospel but the thing that stood out to me the most was commitments. Mom and Dad, i think you might be able to use this on your BoM Journey (which I am so excited you are going on). How do we show our faith? through commitments and obedience to those commitments. that is between no one but us and our Heavenly Father. To bring investigators closer to the spirit and to properly feel of the saviors atoning love, we are taught to extend commitments for them to show of their faith. We need to do this individually with our Heavenly father as well. Whatever it may be, we need to express the intent of our heart to our Him.
I have also learned that the gospel can help anyone with any problem that they might have. whether it be an addiction, family problems or the need to feel of the Saviors love, our gospel has the answer. 

We heard a talk from Elder Bedanr called the 20 mark note. if you get the chance to youtube or read it, it has helped me so much in recognizing why the spirit doesn't always hit us like a ton of bricks. 

I will send a few pics, things in mexico city are a little chilly but i'm not complaining! The food is the same every day and there is always studying to do. Elder Wight and I have tried to make a goal of remembering 100 words a day. We don't always get there but we trust that we can learn the language!
A huge thank you to Mom, Dad, Marshy, Syd, and Savannah, Rachel and the Blake family The Gardners for your love and support packages, and letters! 

Thank you for all your love and support,
I love and miss you!