Sunday, October 18, 2015

Scripture Challenge

Hey Everyone!

This week I have started the scripture challenge. Last week the scripture was James 1:5 because I wanted to memorize it in Spanish for the lessons. This week I am still looking for a good one to focus on. I will choose today or I’ll use the same one as you guys!

I want to thank my family so much this week! The beginning of the week was a little frustrating. It was a hot week this week and it felt like every house we went to rejected us or didn’t remember the appointment we had put. But on Thursday the Zone Leaders made a trip to Santa Barbara and gave me 2 giant packages!! The first was a box from Grandma Anderson with 2 blankets in it, one for me and one for my companion Elder Melgar! We were so so thankful for that and he wants me to tell you thank you so much Grandma Anderson!! I also got one from my family that was so awesome, I could really feel the love from home. It was much needed, both for the encouragement, and for the One Wipe Charlies!


This week we had interviews with our Mission President, President Dester. He and his wife are so awesome, they are like our parents in the mission. Sister Dester was still worried about the blanket situation but I told her I got one. The interview with President Dester was very cool also. He assured me that you guys will think I am a very different person at the end of the mission. He told me that I need to be more patient. I am not really surprised by that but it is something that I needed to hear.


Later that day, we were sitting in priesthood class and a member of the bishopric pulled us out of class and told us that one of our investigators named wants to go to the temple! The ward takes a temple trip in 2 weeks. So they asked if she would be prepared for baptism this week so that she could go to the temple with the youth (she is 14). We were like Uhhhhh ya, that´s why we´re here! haha So We got permission from her parents to have a baptism this Friday the 16th! it was an obvious blessing from Heavenly Father, not just for her excitement to get baptized, but for us to have a little more faith as missionaries. As for our other investigators, we have really been pushing for the baptism of 2 kids. To be honest at first it seemed like they didnt want to learn about the church. They are from 2 separate families, both very poor. They do not pay attention well so it is very hard to teach them. I was wondering why we were teaching 2 9 year old kids, but a thought came to my mind that it was a good thing, even if they don’t want to get baptized because someone needs to fight for their minds! If we just leave them with their families they will grow up just like everyone else. I don’t know how much longer we will try and teach them but I forget how important it is for kids to know who Jesus is and know how to pray. I know a lot of things that I am able to teach is because I learned it in primary!

 Catching a ride with the Branch President
Anyways, the power went out a few times, it rained many times, we got wet, and then when it gets hot the next day its always humid, but I am learning a lot from Elder Melgar. Mainly how I can better my teaching (still struggling with that one) and with patience as well.
Check out the gun(s) on this guy!

Have a great week this week guys, I love you so much!!
Love, Elder Dowell

Sunday, October 4, 2015


Dear family and friends,

This week Elder Melgar and I had a baptism! She is 19 years old. It has been very good to watch her change her life and to help her grow in her testimony of the restored gospel. In her baptismal service she bore her testimony and it was weird to think that we had helped her to know of the things that she now knows to be true.
I was put in charge of running the baptismal service. The branch President, President Lopez basically told me to make it a great service and I think it went well. The best part was having her mom there to watch. She is not a member, but I think watching her daughter get baptized helped her strengthen her testimony. 
We have also been teaching her mom stepdad. They are a family that is a little awkward for me, but very nice! They invited us over yesterday to share a message and eat some baleadas!

The Road to Cofradia

This week we also went to Cofradia for a zone conference, and to San Pedro on Friday for a conference of the leaders of the mission. My companion is district leader and so I got to go and watch! It was a great experience in which We got to sit, and the leaders got to participate, in thinking of ways to add more urgency to missionary work. President Dester used the metaphor of a giant tsunami that is going to hit, and we are the only ones that can see it so we need to warn everyone. I know I need to improve on my urgency in delivering, with clarity, the gospel message! It was a great meeting to be a part of.

Air-Hondurans take a beating in the rain

Also, I got some special news this week that a less active member that we reactivated received a mission call to Ecuador! He sent me and email and thanked me for making an impact on him and helping him to decide to serve a mission. I was very thankful for that experience!
For more on my companion, Elder Melgar, He is awesome. He is one of the most humble people I have ever met, which makes it really easy be be companions with him! He is helping me a lot with my Spanish just by practicing. From the moment we wake up to the moment we sleep it’s all EspaƱol which is great practice for me! He is from El Salvador and from a very poor family, but he works hard and I am thankful to have him as a comp.
I love and miss you all, I hope everything is going good at home. Have a great week!

Elder Dowell