Friday, November 11, 2016

On the clock

Dear Family and Friends,

This week it really hit me how short of time that I have left here in Honduras! I am so thankful for the spiritual experiences of this past week, i feel that they have helped me to grow in my testimony of the true church and in Jesus Christ.

I recieved a new companion this week when Elder Deeble left on Wednesday. His name is Elder Ocon and he is from Peru. He came from a very dangerous part in San Pedro Sula called Valle de Sula. He told me a bunch of crazy things that happened to him and his companion there, including when they were robbed at gunpoint. I am partly sad that I dont have a crazy story like that to share, but so grateful that nothing that severe has happened to me in my time here. Each day we hear about deaths and terrible things happening.

We have been working with our recent converts two young men to be able to visit with some of their neighborhood friends and family members. They have 2 friends that said that they want to get baptized, and they even went ot church! One of them is a 12 year old kid and the other is 13. I hope that they get baptized and continue to go to church so that they can stay on the straight and narrow path that leads to eternal life. 

Each week when there are changes there is always a little bit of tension, but by Sunday it is normal and easier to connect after having a few days of living together. Elder Ocon and I have very high goals to baptize, not just those kids, but a few other family members as well. They are progressing and are in the beginning steps of recieving their personal testimonies of the Book of Mormon. 

Our visits with them are filled with laughter and learning, but the most spiritual moment for me came on sundaymorning when we got to church. The boys showed up in the white shirts and ties that we gave them so that they could bless and pass the sacrament. I was in awe as i thought of the change that Jesus Christ had made in those two kids in the past month and a half. They went from normal street kids to holders of the holy priesthood! I marveled as I watched them fulfill their duties, not knowing completely the significance and importance of it. They will always have a special place in my heart. They had to start the sacrament prayer over once, but afterwards we were able to tell them that it happens to everyone and he felt a little better! haha I remember my first time doing it in spanish and I for sure had to restart! 

Who did you teach this week that you know felt the spirit?
One of the boys' cousins was in a lesson with us and I could see the beam of understanding as we taught him about the Book of Mormon and the ancient inhabitants of the Americas. It was easy for them to accept because I know the spirit was helping them to understand.

What are you doing to keep the spirit with you when you become frustrated?
It helps me to think about the Savior and how He would be as a missionary. He would be so incredibly patient and loving to everyone, so I try to remeber that when things maybe dont go as planned.

What is the message you testify of most?
The Restoration! It is the most important and the one that ties in to all of the other lessons too! we get the chance to clarify alot that Joseph Smith is not our God and that he didnt write the book of Mormon.
What are the greatest things that keep people from being happy?

I would say thier unwillingness to change and repent. Here, as well as everywhere in the world, there are tons of problems with the law of chastity and the word of wisdom. Everyone drinks coffee and almost everyone lives with their boyfriend or girlfriend. I love helping others to realize how happy they can really be! 

I love you guys and I am so thankful for you!! whether its thanksgiving or not! 
Have a great week this week!

Elder Dowell

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