Friday, November 11, 2016

Selling baleadas

Family and friends,

This was a great week that went by. We had many great experiences.. and almost all of them we were soaking wet because it rained all week! We had the opportunity to go back and visit one of our investigators that owns a coffee and wine shop. Many of his cousins served missions but he never learned of the gospel. We taught him about prophets and about Joseph Smith. After explaining the apostasy, he told us that it is reasonable to think that God would call another prophet to restore His gospel. Elder Deeble and i looked at each other smiling because we knew that he was right. 

On Friday night we we were worrying a little bit because we had planned an activity to sell baleadas to raise money for the couple who wants to get married and baptized. We had only sold about 70 beforehand and we had the ingredients to make 150! I asked our ward mission leader what we should do and he told me to have faith. I thought that it would be impossible.. and that faith for a silly activity like this was not important.. but as we continued to make them, more and more people started to buy.. until we had sold them all! I was very surprised and i learned a little bit more about the importance of having faith.

The most impacting experience that i had this week was in a lesson with our 15 year old investigator named Arnold. He is not the brightest kid ever, so when he started to ask us questions about how many wives Joseph Smith had and who Brigham Young was, we knew something was up. He told us that one of his customers told him that everything that we had taught him was false. I asked him who it was and as i did an older man entered in where we were sitting. He called us out saying that our religion was false and that Joseph smith was a false prophet. He told Arnold not to listen to us. As i sat there, i began to get very angry at this guy. I could tell that 

Elder Deeble was even more furious because the guys wouldn't give us a chance to say anything so Elder Deeble 
started to raise his voice. I felt the impression to leave, so we did. I felt terrible afterwards. Mainly for Armold. I didn't want his testimony to be shaken by the foolishness of that man. Later Arnold called us and said that they kicked that guy out and that he was still thinking about getting baptized! If i had a time machine i would go back in time and share my testimony with that old man instead of just leaving. I did try to.. but his ears were closed shut.

Yesterday was one of the best days because we had our district conference and elder Valledares of the 70 came to speak. I also saw all of my friends from La Entrada who came to Santa Rosa for the conference. I will send pictures of that today. I love you guys so much and i am so thankful for hour love and support. I am so thankful to be a missionary!

Elder Dowell

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